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Our menu presents modern takes on classic Vietnamese dishes from south to north and captures the honest flavours that are found in the streets and alleyways of Vietnam.

We encourage you to share the dishes, enjoying the cuisine just as it is presented in Vietnam.

Above all, don’t forget to pair your dish from our fantastic wine list, craft beers and cocktails.

Let’s eat and drink, never leave table hungry.

Một, Hai, Ba, Dôôô!… One, two, three, cheers!

Our Story

Discover Vietnamese Cuisine



For those who enjoy the very best of Vietnamese cuisine, we look forward to hosting you at our newly renovated restaurant. And we’re determined  to provide you with an exciting Vietnamese dining experience.

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Morning Glory

Now in Season

Enjoy a unique, vibrant Vietnamese ‘s vegetable “Morning glory” (Rau Muống), paring with tofu and mushroom in garlic sauce. Available from February to end March. 

About Morning Glory