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About the vegetable “Morning Glory”

(rau muong)

Morning Glory is a semiaquatic plant, grows quickly and easily in damp soil, mud or water. After rice, morning glory is the next most important food in Vietnam that grows in all seasons and are eaten daily. Vietnamese eats this vegetable to help maintain good health, as it is a highly nutritious food, being a good source of iron, calcium, vitamin A and C as well as fibre. Moring glory has a mild, slightly mineral flavour, a little like watercress without the mustard-like piquancy. Its stem skin is quite thick but hollow inside, creating a crunchy texture and juiciness at the same time. 

Each area of Vietnam has different ways to prepare this vegetable. When preparing it to cook, an equal amount of leaf and stalk are required to avoid the dish being too wet. The easiest way to prepare is boil it briefly with salt. One can also make a broth with salt, lime and mashed tomato, or make a simple soup with dried shrimp. The raw stems and young leaves are used in salads. One popular “rau muong” salad includes shredded stems, shrimp, nuts, and a lime dressing. But one of the most delicious and most common ways to have morning glory, is stir-fried with garlic.

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