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important booking information

  • At the moment, we can only accept groups of up to 12 people and we can only have a maximum of 100 people on our premises at any one time. 
  • We are required to maintain a register of all customers. Please follow the instruction on your table to complete the form. This information will only be used if required for the purposes of contact tracing and will be destroyed after two months.
  • We are required to do our best to have one server per table. Please be kind, be patient to our server as it can be tough to maintain our exceptional service under these conditions. We are doing our best to be our best.
  • When it comes time to pay if your table is paying in one bill, you will need to pay there if possible. If you are paying separately, please pay at the counter. The staff member may let you know when you can come up to the counter. If the counter is occupied, you should wait at your table and come up when it is free. You’ll need to keep a distance of 1 meter from any other customers as well as staff. PayWave is preferred but if you are paying with other methods the Eftpos machine will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes after each use.
  • Even though you love your servers and hospo friends – remember – no hugs and kisses at level 2! 
  • Please maintain good personal hygiene while you’re here. Sneeze and cough into your elbow and either carry your own hand sanitiser or make use of the ones we’ve provided.  
  • Rock Yard no longer offers BYO as we don’t hold a BYO license.
  • For Tuesday’s “241” main dinner bookings, due to the limit of seating,  we only take bookings for two dinner seatings:
    • Seating 1:  Tables can be booked between 5:30 pm and 6:00 pm, and must finish at 7:15 pm.
    • Seating 2: Tables can be booked between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm, and must finish at 9:15 pm.
  • We are also taking pre-orders for Tuesday “241 main” take-out pick up from our website so place your order now to jump the queue.



Available all day until sold out. Two for the price of one (the meal of lesser value is free). One bill per table. “241 Main” applies for Big Flavours, Curries, Noodles & Salads.



PHONE: 04 381 3930


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